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Sacred healing

Sacred Healing combines energy clearing and traditional shamanic techniques with contemporary counselling methods to heal the dis-ease of modern life and bring about a return to balance and wholeness. As a practitioner I walk between this material world and the other-worlds of spirit and through the wisdom found there, work to achieve a healing to all levels of being for you.

In these stressed and pressured times, though we have physical comforts that our ancestors would never have imagined, many are suffering from a profound disconnection from the spiritual, a feeling of emptiness within that cannot be filled with material things.

When the spirit is not listened to, body, mind and emotions become unbalanced and we find ourselves repeating unhelpful patterns in life and relationships, suffering illnesses that cannot be explained or helped by conventional medicine and eventually a crisis or breakdown may result. Many of us also carry negative or intrusive energies that affect our ability to move forward in life or achieve true healing.


While other healing modalities concentrate on bringing in light, the shamanic way also considers the darkness and what is hidden or held within the body and spirit and works to remove or heal the sources of negativity whether from past traumas, family or ancestral problems, past lives, soul loss or spiritual attachments.
At the same time the client is helped to understand the process through discussion, visualisation and counselling.

The healing session may include the use of journeying, sound healing with medicine drum, rattles and vocal toning, pendulum dowsing, stone or crystal placements and energy healing to achieve the extraction and release of negative energies, de-cording, soul retrieval, and communication and guidance from your personal guides and ancestral spirits.

Sacred Healing,  one hour with a short consultation beforehand and feedback afterwards -  from $200 [ Sessions in Sydney will be more to cover room hire. ]

Sacred Dakini Oracle Reading -  Present-time life reading - $120 for one hour

Mongolian 41 Stones Reading - this is a traditional Mongolian method of divination which can give an overview of what is happening in your life,  give insight into what may need to be healed or rebalanced or answer specific questions.
- $120 for the casting which is done beforehand, and the interpretation which can be delivered as a PDF or live online if preferred.

Essentia Reading -  Intuitive reading with a personalised blend of essential oils to support you on your journey  - Half hour - $70

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