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About Wendy Cazzolato

Wendy Cazzolato was born in Gloucester in the West of England, and lived for 23 years in London UK before relocating to Australia. She has studied sacred healing, soul rescue and shamanic practice with Terry and Natalia O'Sullivan of Soul Rescuers UK, over 4 years and attends ongoing online seminars and retreats. She is part of their worldwide group of practitioners and teachers. She also trained in trance channelling and mediumship at The College of Psychic Studies in London for 3 years.

She set up her own practice  "Soul Rites" based in Sydney upon coming to Australia in 2008 offering Sacred Healing sessions and a Land Healing and Spirit Rescue service .
Wendy also taught two three year Soul Rescuers courses in Sydney and Berry NSW where she now lives and has room to offer retreat weekends and workshops at the beautiful 25 acres of The Haven at Berry.


Since 2020 she has taken the rare opportunity which opened up online to study with two indigenous traditional shamans, Bhola Banstola a Nepalese Dhami - Jhankri and Aminaa Batmunkh a Mongolian Darkhad shaman. Aminaa has given her permission to use a traditional Mongolian divination method - The 41 Stones - details of which are to be found in the Sacred Healing section.

Please email Wendy via the contact page or call to register your interest or book an appointment.

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