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Working with the Spiritual Landscape

Land Healing and Soul Rescue

Shamanic and Animist practices teach a deep connection with nature and the landscape around us. We can learn from the Land, for all is connected and it will sometimes reflect to us what we need to know. In return we can help to lift human created damage or heaviness from the land, and unburden it's elemental keepers.
The land, like our own bodies can hold onto the vibration of past trauma and that can make a place feel uncomfortable, as can the presence of Earthbound spirits. There are also sacred places that have powerful energies which are not always ideal to live near, though they can be beneficial too.
If  you are experiencing paranormal disturbances or your land or house has never felt comfortable or settled or you feel something in it's past has disturbed the energy there I will work to clear any undesirable energies and bring all back to balance.

This involves working with the energies present in the land to bring about healing. Through dowsing and walking the site I will divine the subtle energies present such as Ley lines, underground water, earth grids, electromagnetic sources, and how they affect or are affected by human activities upon the land both past and present.
I then work with these energies and spirits of place to ameliorate the effects of damage or pollution on an energetic level and reconcile the needs of land and people on a spiritual level to achieve the best outcome for both and ensure a harmonious future.
I am an experienced Soul Rescuer also known as a "Psychopomp" - One who guides the dead across the borders of life

Many people experience problems within properties that are caused by discarnate entities which can be removed or guided to where they should be beyond this realm. I will work to rescue these spirits and cleanse the atmosphere of the house of any residual negative shadow.

This work involves:

The rescue and release of lost and earthbound spirits within buildings and the surrounding environment.

Clearing the negative impact of past events and raising the vibration or atmosphere of the place.

Identifying and removing poltergeists or malevolent entities

Space clearing and advice on the energetic patterns within the site and how to work with them or create sacred space for your own spiritual work. 


Remote viewing of land or property for prospective buyers to be made aware of any problems with earthbound spirits or negative energetic patterns that might affect them.

Land healing can also be done as distance work as long as I have some reference to work from.

I will make an initial assessment of the property, give a quote based upon that and then arrange a visit or allocate a time for remote work. You will receive a written report of what was found and advice on how to best maintain and protect your space afterwards.

Please note that sometimes problems are caused by something that is an innate part of the landscape and it may not be removed or altered, also that where problems are connected to the persons living in the house, a clearing of the people concerned is required. 
If a commercial property, it may be that regular clearings will be required depending upon the type of business conducted and the traffic of people and their varied energies through the property.


Fees :

Remote assessment of prospective purchase property and report - $50
Land Healing work  - From $100- $150 per hour depending on assessment findings.
I charge $50 for the initial assessment which is deductible from the total charge if you decide to go ahead with the work.

Travel costs may also be added if the property is not local to me.

Contact me for an assessment and quote

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